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Three Approaches to Pool Design

Three Approaches to Pool Design

Pool designs are based upon using form and function, textures and colors, to evoke the style of design. Here are three approaches to schools of pool design; how creative architects, pool builders and pool owners can design a pool with personality.

Contemporary Pool Design

  • Contemporary Pools: Modern and post-modern pools mate geometric designs with luxury stones and surfaces along with bold lighting for dramatic effect. Infinity edges are an exceptional aspect with this pool design style.

Tropical Pool Design

  • Tropical Pools: Tropical pools are filled with boulders, water falls and lush with tropical style landscaping. In true form, tropical pools give the feeling of a natural swimming hole, discovered deep in the jungle by using cantilever edges often in a natural stone coping.

Free form Pool Design

  • Free-form Pools: Free form pools can adopt a sub-theme of beach, sea-life or nautical and decorate accordingly within those realms. Hues are pale and muted to match water and sand tones. Ocean mosaic tile inlays can be added to any concrete pool. These pools are often featured with the popular beach entry or Cabo Shelf.

Whatever pool design style you choose, bring together elements in the pool, deck, landscape, furniture and fence to unify the theme. It all begins with a great pool designer! Begin your pool design now !

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