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The Aesthetics of Pools: Coping , Tile, Plaster and Pool Surrounds

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The finishing touches of your pool project are a huge part of the overall appearance and feel of your swimming pool ! The materials and design you choose for your pool can dramatically affect that appearance, both initially and down the road.

When designing any pool project, choosing the fit and finish materials can be both exciting and overwhelming. When choosing the type of coping, tile, plaster and pool surrounds, you will need to consider many ideas of pool coping, tile, and plaster as well as aspects such as texture, color, and durability of materials just to name a few things. This is the second most critical period after overall design function. A great designer will use creativity, knowledge, experience and resourcefulness to sift through a bountiful selection of finish materials to custom design and build an exquisite backyard paradise !

So how do you choose the right swimming pool coping, tile, plaster and pool surround materials?

This seemingly simple question is asked by nearly everyone who is either renovating an existing swimming pool or installing a new swimming pool. Regardless of whether it is a swimming pool renovation, or a new fiberglass or concrete swimming pool , you will need to make this decision with an experienced designer who is familiar with all of the various types of swimming pool coping, tile, plaster, and pool decking materials.

Here are a few things to keep in mind. Appearance, maintenance, durability, price and last but not least safety are all major factors in choosing the correct materials.


ADC Design Team

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