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Features of Swimming Pools: Accent Walls, Waterfalls and Grotto

3D Custom Garden Pool Waterfall
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Features of Swimming Pools: Accent Walls, Waterfalls and Grotto

There are many additional features available for most swimming pools in our modern marketplace. Accent walls, waterfalls and grottos are just a few of the many types of features available. Designing and planning for additional pool features is a must whether an initial build out or phased aspect of your backyard project. Consider these features:

Accent Walls

  • Accent walls: An accent wall establishes a focal point for a pool but may also act as a raised seat wall for guest to sit on or even conceal another feature like a waterfall.


  • Waterfalls:  Waterfalls add a touch of breathtaking mystery to your pool while bringing the relaxing sound of water cascading to your entire backyard.


  • Grottoes: A grotto, defined as a small picturesque cave, will add a sense of mystery and adventure to your pool while creating an intimate secluded space all to itself.

These features make your pool uniquely… yours ! Talk to your designer about how these features fit into your backyard paradise plan !

ADC Design Team

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